Action Hierarchies and Project Flow

Let it be said clearly:

GTDNext has taken important steps to provide some of the capabilities most intensely debated and sought after on many other forums.

Combined, these capabilities allow you to neatly organize all that you can foresee that you will want to accomplish, now or in the future, hierarchically from as high a level (horizon) as you like down to the minutest detail you care to specify - and still not drown in all this, because there are mechanisms in place that allow you to see only the tip of the iceberg that you normally want to see on a daily basis (next actions, waiting fors etc), and which automatically feed new actions to this “tip” step by step, or in leaps and bounds if you so prefer, as actions and whole projects are being checked off as done.

Unlimited Levels in the Action Hierarchy

Many of us see this as the obvious and the only proper solution. Why should there be a limit to, say, two or three levels? But many app developers and even users resist it, for reasons that are quite incongruous to those of us who think it is the natural way. A few other apps already have it, but most don’t. GTDNext therefore is a very valuable addition to the market.

Flexible Number of Next Actions (and other actions)

Many of us realize that real projects can have more than just one current action, but that often far from all actions are relevant or possible until some other actions have first been completed. Most apps have no built-in features at all for managing this distinction, or if they do then it is typically a rigid all-or-one approach that lacks in realism and necessitates awful workarounds. GTDNext is one of the very few apps that provide for convenient manual adjustment of exactly which tasks in a project are to be “concurrently current” and which ones are not.

Automated Progression of Actions within Projects

Automation is always popular if and when it works. GTDNext automatically makes the following project action into a current (visible) action as soon as an action has been completed. Some other apps have this too, but then usually strictly one task at a time, which makes it next to useless for many of us. GTDNext is one of very few apps that allow for automating the project flow while having a realistic set of current actions visible on the main lists. Kudos!