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@James - thanks for this info - it’s good to know that the hosting is solid.

Yes, that info about the hosting is very reassuring. I’m also using GTDNext concurrently with another system (recently switched from Nirvana to IQTell), and am a bit torn between the two very different approaches and UIs. The main thing keeping me from getting closer to using GTDNext as my trusted system is absence of an iphone app. @James, can you provide a general idea of when a mobile beta version might be available? I don’t say that to bug you - you’re making great progress on the web version, and it’s really fun watching it develop week by week!

Hi @joshr7 - I really wish I could. Our approach right now is to make a really great web experience and then to spend a portion of our time on mobile - without ignoring the web for months and months. However, it will take some time to get us to that point. How can everyone help get us there faster one might ask? (okay, you didn’t, but let’s pretend you did. :-)) Everyone can help use move toward a mobile faster by spreading the word about GTDNext. Forums, twitter, G+ FB, etc.

The more users we get on board now (and eventually sign up as subscribers) the faster we will be able to make progress on mobile. We lack the billionaire backing of an Asana so really need help from our early adopters to spread the word!

Thank you so much for saying that! We are having fun as well. It’s exciting to work on this with Sergio and all of you!

I want to love it, and I want it to be my trusted system, but, unfortunately, it’s not quite ready for prime time yet. So, like some have already mentioned, I am using it concurrently with todoist.

An iPhone/iPad app is an absolute requirement. I travel a fair amount, so do not always have a computer close at hand. I would like to the ability to add a time and reminders to actions. I want to be able to send email to GTDNext from more than one email address. I registered with my personal email, but I also use my work email. It is a pain to forward from work to personal email and then here. They need to do like other apps, and have a dedicated email address such as or something along those lines we can use. Eventually, I would also like to be able to add items via Siri. This one is not a deal breaker, but it would be nice as some of my best ideas hit me while driving down the road. Maybe ifttt will activate a GTDNext channel and I could do it that way.

I think they are off to a very good start, and am excited to see where it goes. But, my primary must have is a mobile app.

I agree. There are lots of features that users would need and/or would take for granted. Mobile capability is one of those things that simply needs to be there before you can truly call an app polished and ready.

And not only that. It is not enough to only match the rivals, to have what they have. An app also needs to have something special that makes people positively want to make the jump. I mean, even after they have added mobile capability and all the other common basics, why would anyone switch apps just for that? All other apps have mobile capability etc, too. They also need to add some twist that stands out as truly different and unambiguously positive.

I think GTDNext has the potential to be able to match its competition and to also add some new attractive value to the market. This remains to be seen, but I think there is hope.

Well, I’ve taken the plunge (ok, its not so much a plunge as we all know we can chop/change systems without too much issue), and am using GTDNext as my primary work list.

I too travel quite a lot and am genuinely struggling with the lack of mobile access but, for me, the outline style is working extremely well as many of my tasks are multi-levelled. The recent improvements in sequential tasks are also working well. I have previously used OmniFocus, NirvanaHQ and - and all of these have their own frustrations in the area of organising structured projects such as this. GTDNext appears to be the most suited to my workflow in this particular respect. This, for me personally, is that ‘special’ thing that @Folke alludes to in his post. Each person clearly has different priorities but this is an exciting one for me.

Admittedly I’m only in week 2 of this phase but so far so good. remains lurking in my task bar (iphone and ipad too) but is now several days out of date. Yes, there are more features that are definitely required soon (mobile being obvious one, offline usage being a close second if mobile is too far out) but I am managing to work without those on the assumption they will be coming along in due course. If they don’t come soon then I will need to re-assess but for the time being I am very happy with what I have seen so far.

The development rate is impressive and the interaction with the user base commendable. We have seen this with other ‘startups’ in the past who have failed to maintain that approach once they become more established, so lets hope James and co don’t fall into that trap.

So far, so good for me. If you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you give it a go.

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It seems we agree that all this is an area of functionality where GTDNext has started out strong, and could and should strive to stay in the lead:

This functionality helps people stay in control of the what and the why, the totality of what is on their plate both now and later and how it all fits together and makes sense together. It makes reviewing and understanding much easier because it allows you to organize your stuff properly, both in terms of hierarchy and in terms of first/parallel vs later/sequentially. It also allows for automation. It will definitely attract users, some more than others. For me personally it is a “very-nice-to-have”, not more, not less. For others it will be worth even more (and for others less). It is definitely an area of functionality worthy of emphasizing and refining and making more accessible to more users. I am eager to see some cleaning up - some improved consistency and graphical clarity of this functionality, but basically GTDNext is already on the right way here. Kudos.

Is far as “trust” goes - in the general sense, I already trust GTDNext. I have no fear that tasks will get lost etc. It seems just as stable as other apps. What I am looking out for most of all in all apps, and cannot really find anywhere, is this

But as I said, I think it is a necessary prerequisite for commercial success to both have a reasonable level of polish overall AND one or more special areas of functionality to excel in. Total lack of phone and tablet access is bound to seriously limit people’s interest (clearly a sub-par level of polish).

The more I use this, the more I like it. I am finally starting to understand how everything works. Really, the only thing holding me back from making this my trusted system now is the lack of mobile integration. In today’s world, you have to have access via your tablets and phones. Any idea at all when mobile apps will be released? If it is soon, then I will stay, but if it is a long ways in the future, I am going to have to give it up and try and decide on another system to use.

I’m pleased to say that we have started work on a mobile version of the app. However, it is too soon to estimate when it will release. Thanks so much for your support of us this far! We will keep the community updated as we make progress on mobile.

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when you talk about a mobile version, is that iPhone and Android?

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Or windows phone. I am trying to use the web ui but it is not very mobile web browser friendly.

You are correct. We do not recommend trying to use it on a mobile device. Web UI only right now.

Eventually both. Not sure which will come out first.

So many platforms out there. Scary (expensive.)

Is it still the case that for technical reasons dedicated apps are still needed or is it getting viable to use a single mobile-friendly responsive web interface that can deal with any computer, tablet or phone and can adapt itself to the screen size and to whether it uses a mouse or a touch screen?

I am using both IQTell and GTDNext. I am new to both after searching and testing out a number of Task Management applications. Until now I have relied on paper, supported somewhat by Workflowy and my desktop Outlook. I am also new to Evernote.

I am looking forward to having a trusted system. I think GTDNext will be that system once it has all the features and integration of IQTell. IQTell is robust and everything-all-in-one-place (multiple calendars, multiple email accounts, Evernote integration, customizable in innumerable ways, and reminders in popup/text/email…and I want that!! But GTDNext has OUTLINING(!), drag-and-drop sorting, infinitely nested folders/items, re-ordering capability on every view…and it is sooooo easy on the eyes. GTDNext is set up to support the way I think and the way I get organized.

I just want GTDNext and IQTell to “get married” so I can have everything I love about both.



@shellahgarrett this sounds really close to what I would write! :slight_smile: I also tried out IQTell and really liked that I could have all my email accounts there as well as the Evernote integration was great too. I have deleted my IQTell account for now as I have decided to try out GTDNext and see how I like it. I am also fairly new at Evernote but I think I will use that more for tracking things, recipes, and articles/videos I want to save and watch later. So far so good with GTDNext but if there was just reminders via popup/email, a mobile version that would work on my Blackberry it would be even better! :smile:

I think the Android app is the next priority for James. I think reminders are a crucial component–perhaps a tad higher in priority than integrating email accounts and Evernote…but just a tad. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve definitely got the wrong phone for things like this. I’m not sure if there is an app such as this (or todoist, etc) that have a Blackberry mobile version. :frowning: I agree reminders are a crucial component and it will be a definite help if/once they are implemented.

It will be interesting to see what overall focus the developers will give the app. Integration in all of its forms is one of the “proven innovative” avenues :wink: (it once was innovative but is not new anymore, and is now dominated by Zendone and IQTell, but would still probably be appreciated by some)

I think the developers have already made a strong and quite unique start by combining flexible levels of hierarchy with flexible arrangements of initial vs subsequent tasks. I am convinced there is ample room for further innovation and perfection here, and this is a virgin niche.

I am a Blackberry user too. (Love that physical keyboard.) However I have recently concluded that I am missing the Mobile Revolution because I use almost no apps and, of course, almost everything is available in Android and iPhone. Probably will get an Android phone next and lovingly say good-bye to my BB.