Various Technical Gliches

I thought maybe it as a good idea to have just one thread for various minor glitches that we encounter while testing - otherwise we will spam the entire forum witch such stuff before long; after all, this is an early private beta, and glitches are bound to happen all the time.

I have a first glitch to report below.

v. in latest FF

I just refreshed my browser window and saw Bad Gateway (ubuntu something), refreshed again and again, and finally the app reappeared with:

  • all actions gone (or at least invisible)
  • the third pane (edit pane) was located almost entirely outside the browser Window ( I could just see the left edge of it)

Sorry, some issues after deployment of the last version, fixing it …

Hi Sergio - pleasure to meet you :slight_smile:
Yes, I’m sure this is nothing serious.

Hi Folke, me too :smile:
I’ve restored the previous version until the issue is fixed.