Update on status of mobile apps development

James, would you please provide an update on the status of your team’s ongoing development of mobile apps?

Thanks – and best wishes!


I am going to take the no response as “we are busy working on them as well as new items for the web app”. :smile:


I’m sorry to announce that I’ve decided to leave GTDNext and return to Todoist. My Android is too important in my workflow to sitch entirely to GTDNext. As soon as there will be an Android app with offline access, I will come back.

If I may, I often red that you, James, are not interested in getting bigger and having more employees. On the other hand, I feel that the fact that GTDNext as no mobile supports really cripples its popularity. I would suggest investing a bit (more ressources or more time), even temporarily, to gain momentum and build an application people really need.

I’m a premium member, but I won’t renew until the Android App with offline support is released. I believe in the product, but even after extensive testing, I can’t work with it in its current state.

Regards and best of lucks!

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Hey James. Can you please let us know approximately how long it may take until we see a mobile app for this (if at all)?

Hi All!

Here is our current status.

We are still working on mobile apps. We’ve made good progress on the android version but have some challenges with the underlying technologies we elected to use (ionic and phone gap). This has caused us to take longer with the app than planned.

Spring has come and gone obviously, but we are excited about getting it done and into your hands!
We are currently taking a little time away to re-write the scheduling portion of our web app, as it needs some help. When that is completed we will move back to working on the phone apps.

Thanks for your continued support. We remain fully committed to creating the best task management app on the market. Your support and feedback is critical to completing this goal!


HI @evilmongol - One quick clarification on your post here. We are not against getting bigger at all! World Task Domination here we come!! :wink: However, as a bootstrapping company we can only get bigger using profits, not start-up dollars. We would love to have several more developers on staff, believe me!

Hi James,

Thanks so much for the update! I appreciate it. Funny that you mentioned ionic/cordova/phone gap. We are actually developing an app ourselves and have recently decided to steer clear of ionic and instead focus on native dev.

You have a great product here with a lot of potential. Push through it!

Ok! Thank you James for the clarification and sorry for my misinterpretation. I will continue to follow the developments on this forum. Until then, I will make due with Todoist, that doesn’t contain some really nice features of GTDNext, like “Next action view”. Keep up the good work! :smile:

Hi James,

How are things going now? I LOVE your web app and am anxiously waiting for having a mobile app to go with it. Best wishes!

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HI Armistead;

Things are going well! Thanks for asking. Albeit slower than we would like on the dedicated apps. However, we have been working over the last few weeks to provide a much better experience using the web app on mobile devices. We haven’t announced it yet, as it’s still in progress, but you can try it now.

Give it a try and let us know what you think . The web app will work on iphones and android. We automatically hide the left pane to give more room for the middle pane and also default to not showing the right pane. This gives you the ability to see your outline and make changes. We will also be adding the ability to show the left pane when needed. Also, please note, we’ve noticed it doesn’t work well in private browsing mode, so use it in your regular non-private mode.

Would love your feedback (and everyone else as well!) It’s not a substitute for dedicated mobile apps, but will hopefully help fill the hole until we can finish the dedicated apps.



Hi James,

When I log in through my mobile (Iphone 5) I feel it is just the same as when I tried a few months ago. Are there maybe a certain subdomain that I should log in to? As I see it now it is not something I can use on my mobile. Or have I misunderstood something?


Hi Andreas - No special URL. You should notice on the mobile view the absence of the left pane (we will add the ability to see the left pane soon) and you should also notice that the right pane now “slides” over the main middle pane when you press the “show panel” button. Before we implemented responsive, we crammed all three panes into one view, which obviously doesn’t work well on mobile. Take a look again and let me know if you don’t see those changes. Thanks!

The web app is indeed a good step. How can we reorder the items in the iOS, though?


This is coming. We are releasing the mobile enhancements as we go, rather than making everyone wait for features to roll out all at one time.

Today we updated again and fixed a few display issues. We think the app is looking pretty good on mobile browsers. Give it a try folks!

loving the mobile browser. Any chance the font size and icons could be a little larger? They are a little to small at times to press reliably.

Yeah, for me everything is too small to be usable on a phone. (I do have fat fingers, though)

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We are looking at making the text re-sizable (via pinch zoom/unzoom). The trick is to do it only with some screen elements and not the others, like the title bar.

Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming!

sigh, still no mobile app. That just makes me sad. Better access on mobile via the web is a poor substitute. I keep checking back, and checking back, but still nothing. I think, after a year it is time I quit checking. Really disappointed in this.

HI Susan - Sorry to disappoint. We wish the mobile app was done as well.

The good news (at least from others perspective) is mobile web is now out and we have very good feedback from those who have tried it.(and more enhancements coming)

Looks like that isn’t an option for you, but luckily it is for many.

I appreciate the effort of try to enhance the web app on the iphone/ipad, but the using experience is very far from optimal and I lost a lot of time trying to press the right buttons and scrolling up and down to get the task panel. When we will have the mobile app? This continues to be really a showstopper for GTD Next, as far I’m concerned.