Tasks created by e-mail have always a notes icon


all tasks, I create via e-mail to inbox have a notes icon even if the body of the mail was empty and not a single character is in the notes box.

So now I don’t know anymore which tasks have notes and which don’t.


Thanks for pointing this out. In today’s build ( we fixed this so the notes icon no longer shows up for email with no body.

Note that some email clients may add something or if you are using a service like IFTTT they may add text to the body. We can’t really do anything about that. But for plain old emails with no text it works now as one would hope.

As a bonus, while Sergio was crawling through that code he was able to implement BCC. So you can now put your GTDNext email in the BCC line when sending an email and a task will be created. Very handy for stealthy follow-up on actions you send out. Either for yourself to check later or to check on others later. Enjoy!

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Great, news regarding the BCC feature!

Thank you, James!

This BCC workflow would work best if you could add processing options to specific inbox adresses. So for example would the e-mail test123bdvd@gtdnext.com only be used for follow ups and the created tasks be set to “Waiting”.



Cool idea, thanks for mentioning it!