Stuck on loading screen in Chrome, Firefox unusably slow

Bunch of Ctrl-F5, went through privacy settings in Chrome and FF to remove cached data, Chrome stuck at “Loading” FF gets me in but navigation and entry is sloooow.

Aaaand now FF is stuck at loading - flag next to title is red for offline…

Hi Furby - and sorry for the troubles. We did launch some new code yesterday. Can you confirm if it works on your mobile or another computer? CTRL+F5 should have fixed any stuck code for you.

Let me know results on another computer, and we will look at your specific account if needed, as we haven’t received any other reports of people being stuck at loading. Thanks!

Hi James, seems to work better on Mobile Chrome than it did before but I would not call it usable.

Okay thanks. And are you able to get in on your desktop? Or is that still stuck?

cc: @sergio

Still stuck I’m afraid :frowning: Seems to vacillate between working very slowly and getting stuck at loading.

okay, can you submit a ticket at with the email you use for login so we can take a look at your account?


Cool, done, looking forwards to getting things done tomorrow :slight_smile:

FYI, stuck here too.

@ike9898 have you tried CTRL+F5 and clearing history/cookies in browser?

Can you confirm if this is happening on more than one computer?


I tried tried CTRL+F5 and clearing history/cookies on both Chrome and Firefox. I forgot to try on another computer last night.

Still not working, android chrome also not working. Very sad.

Sorry Furby! Sergio is looking into a couple of accounts personally and will respond here on the forum. Thanks!

cc: @sergio

Okay, thanks for trying that. Very curious if it works on another computer or not. Have you tried on your phone? Make sure you are not in private mode when you log into the phone. Sergio is looking into this. So far it’s just two people, so very strange!

I’ve now gotten it to load on both my phone and desktop after logging out and back in. It’s not clear whether that was entire issue; it seemed to take a long to load.

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Good one Ike! Logged out, logged in, loads quick enough but still performs increeeeeeeedibly slowly and my browser (FF) grinds to a halt :frowning: Think 5 seconds to register and act on carriage return to make new item.

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Using Chrome on same PC and latency is down to ~1 second, almost manageable! Is there any info I can provide from Chrome or windows performance tools?

@[quote=“furby, post:16, topic:1052”]
Is there any info I can provide from Chrome or windows performance tools?

@sergio ?? Do you need anything else to troubleshoot this?

@furby, Are you having a lot of tasks expanded? This can be the case of app working slowly.

Nope, filtered down to a set of ~8 root items with items underneath all collapsed.

Wierdness, chrome seems to be performing around 50% normal speed, approaching usable, FF is getting in there but sloooow meaning clicking on an item it takes ~5 seconds for the details pane to update.

Update: Chrome running fine in application window so I’m getting things done again :smiley:

Pro tip - have an unwritten task in a non-existent area without a tag “Look at GTDNext Alternatives” that you default to when stuff like this happens, at least then you can feel you’re being productive even if the outcome is always: there is nothing better on the market