Stuck on loading screen in Chrome, Firefox unusably slow

This morning GTDNext seems to be crashing Chrome. Can one tab crash the whole browser? Because that’s what seems to be happening.

When you say “application window” what do you mean exactly? [quote=“furby, post:20, topic:1052”]
Pro tip - have an unwritten task in a non-existent area without a tag “Look at GTDNext Alternatives” that you default to when stuff like this happens, at least then you can feel you’re being productive even if the outcome is always: there is nothing better on the market
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GTDNext doesn’t have that kind of power… Can you try rebooting and give us a report back? thanks!

Means in Chrome going to the page, to chrome options, More Tools, Add to Desktop, Select tickbox “As a window” and you get a minimalish chrome box for the webapp (still lots of extensions running but less visual clutter)

FYI it’s still running slow, feels like it’s limping along. Any other changes planned? Ongoing investigation @sergio ?

@furby Yes, checking it

It’s still running slow, on a Linux box with chrome and firefox, windows 7 box with chrome and firefox. Chrome works best on both, chrome app is usable but not for much longer (it’s painful). From login to ready is ~14seconds which is bearable but navigation within the app and changing selected items is seconds each time.

Both Linux browsers show the red light for offline but seem to work.

Same for me. Stuck on the loading screen.
Chrome Version 64.0.3282.186 64 bit
Edit. It is also stuck on loading screen on my iPhone with Chrome.

I just ran into this, too, in both Firefox and Chrome. Logging out and logging back in fixed it for me.

Yes, we think we may have found the issue. We are working on a fix. In the meantime please login via the main screen at Not through a saved link that directs to

Fix Deployed. Please try again folks. Logout, log back in. Hit CTRL+F5 a few times and let us know if you see any issues with your links and getting back in to the program.

Works for me now.

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works for me now too. Thank you for the fix. :slight_smile:

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Hi James, it still runs like a pig in Firefox and Chrome after a few minutes, @sergio how can I record performance info that will help you pinpoint the issue? Behavior feels like a search index is being rebuilt with every keystroke!