Scheduled task show in Next Actions

Hi, GTDNext is fantastic! I’m a new GTDNext user and check my Next Actions list daily. I figured out that I better check my Scheduled Tasks list daily as well, because Scheduled Tasks do not appear in the Next Actions list. To me, it would be extremely helpful if a Scheduled Task appeared in the Next Actions list on the date it was scheduled.

Hi @waflhead - Glad you are liking the app!

Scheduled tasks should move to the active list on the start date. They actually do in most cases. Recently we noticed that in some cases they are not. We are researching this right now and trying to narrow down the cases where they do not work correctly. We should hopefully have this issue fixed soon. Thx!


That’s great news! Thank you for the quick response.

I am experiencing the same behavior – the tasks which are scheduled in the past are not active, and cannot be even “forced” to become active.
One thing which might explain this – i am playing with the application and manually setting scheduled date for “past” – can this be the problem.

Can someone please forward me to the description of the “intended behavior” of scheduled and repeating tasks?

Yes, this is likely the problem. We probably should prevent users from setting a date in the past, but we currently don’t. In effect you saying, “Please make this action ACTIVE, last Thursday.” That of course really doesn’t make sense… Instead just make it active right now! :slight_smile: To “force” them to become active… Just click the green “Active” button. Essentially moving them from a scheduled action to an active one.

The desired behavior is that you have an action that you don’t want to see in your active list until a certain day in the future. Click the scheduled button and choose a date in the future. On that date the action will move from the scheduled list to the next action list. Hope that makes sense!