Scheduled Task followed by Next action not sequencing correctly?


I have a project whereby I want it to be sequential and have:

  • Task 1 which does not start until next week and is scheduled as such
  • Task 2 which follows Task 1
  • Task 3 which follows Task 2

I would have expected to see Task 1 as Scheduled and the other two Tasks as inactive waiting for their predecessor to complete.

However, it shows as task 1 being Scheduled and Task 2 being an Active Next Action (despite Task 1 not having completed yet). I have tried the Sequential checkbox at project and individual Task levels but cannot achieve the desired result.

Am I missing something, is this a bug or is it not designed to work this way?

I am unable to paste a screenshot as it says new users are not permitted to do so but hopefully the infor above provides sufficient detail

I think this is a well-known and fully acknowledged flaw that is to be fixed.

(The sequencing logic currently only works correctly with Next actions, and only within active projects.)

No, you are not missing anything. We will be changing this behavior soon. Thanks!

The newest build that went live today changes this behavior. Give it a try!

Hi James - thanks for the update and that does correct the behaviour I had originally reported above. I have hit another issue however in my testing …

If I have a Task which is set to Scheduled for a certain date, I cannot then change that Task to be Active / Waiting / Someday as the Task’s List field appears to be locked?

As an update - I figured out that I can change a Scheduled Task but only if the date is not in the future. If it is in the future it appears to lock the status. Maybe there is a good reason for this but it appears to be an unnecessary restriction ?

Sounds like a bug; I would not expect it to be intentional.

Thanks for the report! Added to our issue list.

@thealbs - This should be fixed now as well. Thanks for the report!

That works for me. Thanks for the speedy turnaround.

I seem to be having the same issue with a Scheduled Project. I have a project called “Project X” with three Actions that I need to have done in sequential order. Task 1 completed first, Task 2 completed second, and Task 3 completed third. But I can not work on Task 1 until a specific date. I’ve set the Project to Scheduled for a date in the future (i.e. Project X scheduled for 8/15) but Task 1 is listed on my next actions list. I would assume that if the Project is listed as “Scheduled” then none of the Project’s tasks would be available to be completed until the Project is “active”. Is this a faulty assumption on my part or does the App’s logic work differently?

You need to actually put in a date for the scheduled task before it will prevent the task below it from showing up as a next action. Can you try that and confirm?

This seems a bit analogous to problems and discussions we have had with tasks becoming visible in sequential subprojects etc.

It is my opinion that the app should treat all “nodes” as consistently and similarly as possible, regardless of whether they are called projects or actions. And the app’s logic must respect the app’s hierarchy, or there will be total confusion.

When a node (that could be a project) is “incapacitated” for whatever reason (e.g. set for a future start date or sequentially on hold) this incapacitation should apply to the node itself and to any and all of its children and grandchildren etc. Everything under the marked node should be “hidden” from the main lists - automatically, as a rule. This makes it simple to understand and use; “off means off”.

In this case, the node (project) as a whole has been “turned off” (incapacitated) through scheduling, meaning the project as a whole cannot start until that specified date. What would be a good reason to let individual child tasks “sneak through” as if that limitation did not apply to them?