Next task not set when Someday task encountered in project list

I noticed that when I mark a tasks which is part of a project as Someday, then any tasks that follows it will never be marked as Next. It seems that Next is the next active tasks of a project, but when a someday task is encountered, the search of the next active tasks stops and all following tasks are treated as someday. If I am filtering the projects panel by “A” (active tasks) I may not see the Someday tasks that is causing the issue for me. Is this by design?

Perhaps when the issue with Scheduled tasks blocking next tasks was fixed, this started, but I think that Someday task should be treated differently by not blocking the project / next (following) task from being set.

Link: Scheduled Task followed by Next action not sequencing correctly?
Ughhh, forum won’t let me embed a link because I am a new user…

Also, when I have the “A” (active tasks) filter on and I mark a task as Someday, it is not hidden from the project unless I disable the active setting and re-enable it. Should it be hidden right away?

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This seems to still be an issue for me. Let me know if you need more detail.

Ideally, I think the green/gray flag (“forced next”) should have the same effect on all actions. If you mark an action as green you will see it on its list (Next, Someday, whatever) but if it is gray you will not see it yet.

The more consistently it behaves, the easier it is to understand.