No view of projects and next actions

Continuing the discussion from - Release Notes -:

Is this update the reason that I don’t see my project on the left side of the screen under Projects & Actions? plus when I click on Next Actions I don’t see any actions.

This is a release for making the app more stable, when can we expect new developments like a mobile app?

It was the same for me, with IE11 (although I could see my Projects). I cleared my cache and did a CTRL+F5 and that has resolved the issue. I found that just hitting CTRL+F5 didn’t work - I had to also clear my cache.

Whenever we do a new code release, there is a chance that some code will not get flushed out of a browser’s cache. Unfortunately, we can’t prevent that. If you ever see “weird” stuff then try doing a CTRL+F5 to clear the cache manually. Do this a few times, and it should fix the issue. Thanks!