Can You Explain How Scheduled is Designed to Work?


Can you explain how scheduled is designed to work, so we can know if it’s buggy or not?

For example, I have a task I scheduled for today. As of this morning, it’s still in scheduled. Is the idea that a scheduled task will remain in scheduled until you manually move it? Or is that a bug?

Similarly, I put a scheduled task inside a project, and it did not move to the scheduled list. It is scheduled for today, but as of this morning, it still is greyed out from being a possible next action. (I have not yet reached it on the list, so I am not sure if it will change to next at that time or not.) Again, is that by design or by bug?

Thanks for the clarification. I just want to make sure if I’m seeing bugs, I help report them. :smile:


Rob, I am pretty sure those are plain bugs. I reported some similar things here: Actions created 25 or more days ago, appear as due where James also said they are aware of several issues but wanted to get some early feedback.

Sounds to me like that is a bug. Please report. :smile:

Also, to help understand what should work right now, here is a new blog post. with a link to a topic on this forum to discuss.