Actions created 25 or more days ago, appear as due

We released build 1.3.9 today, which is an exciting build for us as we finally expose the due date feature, schedule feature and repeating task features that we have been working on for quite some time.

We are aware of several issues that go along with this release - but we wanted to get the main functionality out so users could start trying out and providing feedback on these features.

One issue created by the new due date feature is that many of your older tasks will now have a due date applied to them. You will have to go through the list of actions and turn those off. Sorry for the inconvenience! It’s a one time occurrence.

We are excited about this release - and looking forward to your feedback.

I just set up a few. Will see if/how they show up during the next few days.

I noticed the setting was a bit sensitive somehow - but I don’t know what I did wrong. I had to go back to the task a couple of times for the scheduled setting to really “stick”.

I noticed that scheduled actions in projects do not show up on the scheduled list, even if it is the first action in the project. It does however seem to block subsequent items (on the same level) as it should. (But it does not block the children of any subsequent items - as we have discussed before; this is a different issue.)

I noticed you can check the Force box for it, but there is no green icon, and it does not seem to affect whether or not the action shows up on the Scheduled list.

Also noticed that the scheduled date is not visible anywhere in the list views.

Today, May 26, none of my tasks that were scheduled for May 26 have shown up in any way anywhere or seems to have changed or anything.