Any ideas of when iOS apps will be on the horizon?

I am so impressed how fast and far GTDNext has come. It is truly delightful. But like so many others, mobile is key and iPhone, iPad, and Android apps are an important component of the system. I know these are planned, but would appreciate an idea of how far that horizon is…

Keep up the great work!

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I too have been following progress and have been very impressed. However I cannot commit to a serious trial until an iPhone app is available. Keep up the good work.

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Hi - same here.

I actually moved everything over to GTDNext and started using it as my trusted system for a while. The Outline mode is fantastic and is only surpassed by the responsiveness of the team behind the product.

However, I found I could not survive without a mobile interface (IOS in my case), so have reverted to OmniFocus for now. I will keep popping back to see how things are progressing on mobile and am very hopeful that I will one day return!

Best of luck with a great product.

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I am right there with you. I absolutely love GTD Next. But, accessing it from my phone or iPad is just a major headache. I too went back to another system until they come out with mobile apps. Without mobile apps, it is not a service I would consider paying for. With mobile apps, I will gladly pay.

We hear you all. Loud and clear! :smile:

You will all be pleased to hear that we are locking Sergio up in a secret location for the month of November. His goal is to focus on mobile apps. During this time we will be releasing updates to the web version less frequently (mostly bug fixes) while he concentrates on the mobile version. We aren’t announcing any completion dates at this time. Too many factors to consider.

Thank you all for the support!


Fantastic, James! I cannot wait!

Yay, I am so excited about this. Come out with the mobile apps and I am back to GTD Next and will pay to do so. Thank you for responding to the masses, lol. I know we can be a pesty bunch.

I agree – will gladly pay once we have mobile apps.

I have been using Nozbe, and love it but hate that I cannot have subprojects. Based on the fact that I know mobile apps are in the works, I think I am going to start moving my stuff back over here this weekend and go premium to help with the development.

I an thinking about doing the same early next week when I return from my current trip.

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Any update on IOS apps??

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Yeah, I am chomping at the bit on this one. Mobile apps are SO IMPORTANT!

Not yet! Working on it, but we aren’t ready to name dates yet.

I couldn’t agree more! Right there with you Armistead!

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Any chance of this being a Christmas present? :smile:

Oh how I wish!!! Sorry not even a remote chance of that right now. :slight_smile:

I really did not think so…but does not cost anything to ask. Keep up the great work, James and team!

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James, is it a target – and I know that can change – that iOS apps will be out during the first quarter of 2015?

HI Armistead - As you know we don’t really like to talk dates. But yes, I think it’s safe to say there is a good chance something will be delivered in that time frame.

Thanks again everyone for your patience!

Oh James - @Armistead caught you at a weak point there didnt he?!

Now, what are the chances that something will be available before St Vaentine’s day? After all, we only ask because we love the product so much !

:slight_smile: Yes - a momentary lapse.

I agree that Valentines day would be a perfect time… But I don’t think I better fall into the date trap again… Please do know that we are working on it and really do appreciate that people like our product enough to be so eager for the mobile version. Thank you!