Wrong tag is shown on an item

I have not yet found a way to consistently reproduce this behaviour:

Sometimes when switching between items, a wrong tag is shown on an item.
After reloading the page everything is as it should be, so the data is not corrupt!
But there seems to be a glitch in the rendering of tags.

When i find a way to reproduce this, i will post it here.

I have now been able to reproduce this:

  • Open Next Action List
  • Choose an item that has Focus unchecked, open the Panel and tag it with a unique tag
  • Change to the Focus list
  • The Panel now shows the details of the first item on the Focus list
  • But: It also shows the unique tag used on the previous item on the Focus item in the Panel (not in the list representation of the item)
  • Reloading the page resolves the problem
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Thanks for the report @Camelorn - I’ve added this to our issue list. Nice work!

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@camelorn - We added this to the build that went out today. Please check and confirm this is fixed for you. Thanks again for the report.

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Looks good right now!
I’ll keep an eye on the tags and will report here once they misbehave.

Thanks for the quick fix!

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