Work Flow inbox

Just wondering if there is a GTD next navigation flowchart for processing inbox items into existing projects/ areas or for creation of projects/actions.

Hi Jilene;

Sorry, there is no flowchart (the idea is that it is similar enough to GTD concepts that it’s not needed) but it sounds like maybe we need one!

In the meantime, if you click on Projects and Actions in the top left you should see an outline of all your projects and actions. Did you create an area and assign each task to an area? It’s possible maybe that is the reason you were not seeing any actions.

Let me know if you see them by clicking on Projects and Action. If not we can troubleshoot some more.

Thanks for taking a look at GTDNext!

HI James, I’m taking a stab at this again after several days off and hoping to get functional with GTD Next soon!! :smile:
Is there any reason to even create “actions tabs” since nothing happens when one clicks on the actions? For example this morning I wanted to quickly look at my projects in an area I had titled “INC_IEP_Process” . Nothing happens when I click on that area on the top of the page. It seems it might be more efficient for me to just Create a project for all of those areas, so I can just open up projects/actions and start working. Is that what you meant in your email above. I’m just not sure why I went to the work of creating the “areas” or what functionality they have. I also just posted this question to the community.

HI @jilene - hopefully the other thread answered your questions on this. Please let me know if that is not the case. Also, what do you mean by “nothing happens”? As clicking on the Area buttons should filter your outline or list to show just the projects and actions associated with that area.


I could be wrong, but it sounds as if you are using quite small areas (Areas of Responsibility), just like I do. I have about a dozen AoRs defined. What I think is best (for me) is to use BOTH the hierarchy AND the area tags as follows:

  1. Keep a “permanent project” in your project list (your outline) for each of your dozen-or-so AoRs. In these “permanent projects” you keep all single actions (or small multi-step actions or small projects) that belong to those AoRs. That keeps them neatly grouped in the outline, you do not have to click any buttons to see them grouped together; and you always see the “project” (AoR) designation next to the action’s name. Then you also keep major regular projects in that top-level projects list. I recommend using some acronym for the “permanent projects” (AoR containers) and more descriptive names for the regular, completable projects - that makes it easier to tell the difference in the project list (outline).

  2. Use the area TAGS for quickly being able to limit what is in front of you to one of the major spheres (“area groups”) in your life, such as just Work and Personal. This can sometimes be handy if you do not want to see personal things while working, and vice versa. You’ll probably have 2-5 small areas (Areas of Responsibility) within each such “big area” (groups of AoRs). (As an example, I personally have defined three such big areas - Private, Business and Non-Profit - in which I have on average four AoRs.

Hope that helps. Maybe your situation and preferences are different, but at least it is an idea that you can play with to see see what suits you best.