There are many reasons why I love GTDNext:

  • James is outstanding, passionate, and works so closely with all of the users. This personal touch is wonderful and creates an atmosphere that you are welcome, wanted, and part of a community. Sergio is pretty cool too and is a huge benefit as a key member.

  • GTDNext has the capability of subprojects! How many of you have had large projects where there are many sub-projects within them? This works beautifully here.

  • GTDNext follows the principles of GTD! I mean…after all…look at the name. :grin:

  • The real-time sync works very well.

  • I really like the “Today’s Actions” list! Items that have a due date of today will automatically appear there. Plus, one can manually drag any action into this list. Very nice for focused work!

I could continue all day with this. GTDNext is an outstanding web app created and supported by outstanding, dedicated, passionate people. What more could you want?


GTDNext is the first app that has the flexibility to do most of what I need it to and the development team to implement the rest. In the short time I’ve used the product (12 months, one billing cycle, a lot cheaper than alternatives I’ve tried) I have seen great improvements to the visual appeal of the front-end, the workflows supported and even the data storage at the back-end driving performance.

This is my idea of a software project done right. We’ll always want more features and new behaviors but so far the GTDNext team are doing a great job of prioritizing the work and delivering the most value first rather than going after kudos and cheers for features with no depth.

Well done guys!