What is the "best practise" way to manually sort tasks (in the various views)


What is the “best practice” / recommended way to manually sort order task in the following views:
a) “Projects & Actions”
b) “Next Actions”
c) “Focus”
d) “Today”

For tasks that I have ticked “Focus”, I put them into the order in which I intend to execute them. But should that also be done to “Next Actions”? And in particular what order should “Projects & Next Actions” be put into? i.e. Where within “Projects & Actions” should we put stuff that arrives into the Inbox?

From what I can see, all the “List” views i.e.

  • Inbox
  • Scheduled
  • Waiting
  • Someday
    …} all simply use the sort order found within “Projects & Actions”, yes?



EDIT: How to use Areas and the sorting on the master list at the same time?!
e.g. Do you separate out each Areas out in the master “Projects & Actions” list?
So that I get all Work tasks, then all Personal tasks, then all Charity tasks etc