Weirdness on settings screen (email to inbox works though)

Weirdness on settings screen

Thanks for the report! We are working on getting this fixed today.

By the way… Did you notice that emails to your inbox no longer require a refresh to see? Part of the release yesterday.

Yes indeed! I watched with baited breath, took around a minute all of which is prolly my mail server :slight_smile: Jolly good show!

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Yes, I did the same thing a few times. Worked very fast with - but not quite as fast with a few old school email servers I tried.

It’s also fun to setup two machines side by side, or a laptop and a phone and load up GTDNext. Clicking done or making some other change on one machine takes a second or two, but will update on the other screen now. :smile:

This is fixed now. Thanks again for the report!