Weird bug related to underlining

I was entering a new item, and decided to try Ctrl-U to underline a word. Voila – it worked! But then, when I hit Enter to start a new item, the one with the underlining was broken into two, as if I had hit Enter in the middle of the item.

And the weird thing was, the break wasn’t where the underlining was. It was earlier, before a person’s name.

So, I’ve tried a few more, and here is the results of the testing: Any item with underlining in it will break after ten characters when you hit Enter. I’ve tried changing the text, and it’s always ten characters in.

Note that I can go back AFTER the item is entered (I’ve hit Enter and gone to a new item) and add the underlining, and it underlines properly. But, if I add underlining and then go to the end of the line and hit Enter, it breaks after ten characters.

Thought you’d want to know.

Interesting. Yes, we don’t currently support underline or bold, so I’m not surprised that you you got some strange results. We will bug this and look at ways at preventing the behavior you saw.

Thanks for the report!