Web syncronization problems


I am having troubles to use GTDNext in different computers. I use Chrome navigator.

I started to use GTDNext this week on my work. I created some projects and tasks, then when I tried to open it at home, some projects were gone, not all of them.

Then I created some more tasks and projects at home to test if they would appear at work then I got this: the projects and tasks I created earlier were there, it seems that I didn’t lose them. But only some of the new projects created at home appeared.

It’s strange because it’s a web application, so the computer you are using shouldn’t show differences, or am I wrong?

Hi @pamancio - I use chrome as well (and IE) and here is what you need to do to make it work on two computers.

After you complete working on the first computer and move to the second computer, make sure you hit the refresh button on the browser of the second computer. This will pull in the new items from the first computer.

If that doesn’t work (and it should) you can try to hit refresh on the 1st computers browser as well when finished using GTDNext.

Currently we are working on real time synchronization as this is required for mobile apps, but until we have that feature completed you will need to follow the above steps. Thanks!

Hi James, thank you for the quick answer. I already tried the first option, to refresh the 2nd, but now I will try to refresh the 1st computer every time before leaving it, I believe it will work well. Good to know your team is working on the app, I researched a lot of “GTD” like tools, but so far GTDNext has been the best approach for it.

My best regards!

We have done a lot of work on synchronization over the past month. This should be resolved, but let us know if you find any other issues. Thanks!