Web links on iOS

I cannot open web links written on the notes if I am using the iPad or iPhone

I tried just tried to repro this on my iphone and I was able to open a link. Make sure after you click the link you press the icon with the arrow in the top right corner to launch the link. See picture below. Let me know how that goes!

This is not working again…
I have created a zap to automatically get in my inbox outlook messages from my office365 account with the link to the email on the notes section of the task, but the link doesn’t open on iOS or android. It opens on the web version of the app, though.
Any ideias about wat is going on?

Tanks in advance,

Thanks for the report. We will take a look.

@fernandopirescoelho Can you share how you created that zap? I think others might want to do something similar.