Web App Performance Tips

Hi Guys (including @James, @sergio) this app has started running like a pig in treacle from around the March updates and I can’t take it anymore…

What do you guys do to optimize performance? I’ve tried the following and they all either suck or work fine for a few minutes and then suck.

Windows7, Corei7 @2.6Ghz, 16GB RAM SSD

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Chrome application

Linux Mint latest, Corei7 @2ghz, 16GB RAM, SSD

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Chromium

Maybe if I add an answer other people will be interested… I’m using opera for windows now, it’s a lot better but still lagging.

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Maybe if I add an answer other people will be interested… I’m using opera for windows now, it’s a lot better but still lagging.

Hi Furby - Glad it’s working a better for you. I think the reason people aren’t answering is that they do not see the same lag. I know my account has over 800 items right now (I archive fairly often) and it doesn’t seem to be lagging much if at all.

Have you tried it on a clean browser with no extensions? Like using Chrome in Incognito mode? Also, how many items do you have at the top level of your outline? Are those items open or collapsed? All that could impact performance.

Let us know and we can continue to troubleshoot. You shouldn’t have to use opera.

Hello James, I too observe the performance problems, and I confirm they started around March or so.

I have 100% reproduction rate with the following scenario:

  • Select an area filter
  • Start typing in any task subject text area.

I can type like 3-4 letters per second tops. The problem does not go away after removing the area filter - you have to reload the page.

My browser is the latest Firefox.

Does this happen to you on Chrome as well?

Yes it does, same on Chrome.

Mine too has slowed down to where I’m waiting for it to catch up. I thought maybe it was my computer but the slowdown was sudden and on firefox, chrome and Opera.

Hi James, I’ve under 550 items, one area filter brings me down to 3 root items with maybe 15 total underneath but still damn slow.

I made a second account and started creating items underneath as a test, it’s quick as tasks off a shovel, maybe there’s something in the note contents of my slow account?

Soooo, can we acknowledge that there is a problem right now? Then we can work together to address it. @sergio @James

Hi Furby - Thanks for your willingness to help out. We do not see this with very many accounts, so it is quite strange.

Does this happen immediately after loading GTDNext? Or only after a while using it? Would you be willing to share your account info with us to take a look at your account? If so, can you send in a support ticket with that info and Sergio will inspect how your account is setup to see if helps him troubleshoot the issue. Understand if you don’t want to do that…

Thanks for responding James, it’s immediate after login and all browsers,

Opera - almost usable
Chrome - not quite as fast
Firefox - aweful

will send support ticket asap.


I’ve made some optimizations on the app. Can you please check if it solves the problem.
Please, refresh the page with Ctrl+F5 if needed.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Performance is way better, feels like 90% improvement and it’s a real-time experience again which is perfect!
One new behavior though is the AREAS filter, now to make it work I need to select a filter (no change) invert the selection (no change) invert back and not the filter is applied. These steps seem to need to be followed once per login and then it sticks.

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Thaks for the feedback @furby .
I’ll check


All working as it should now, back to being in love with GTDNext!

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