Very impressed!

I am very impressed of what I have seen so far. If you guys come out with an iPhone and iPad app, I am sold and will move over. Very nicell done.

Yes, I can’t find anything about an iphone or ipad app. Will be virtually useless without one, so I’m assuming one must be coming, but no mention of it even in the blog. Curious.

Thanks for the kind words guys! Yes, mobile apps will happen. We are first focusing on a great web experience and then will start the mobile effort. We totally understand and get the importance of mobile.

Wow - just stumbled across this when revisiting the Nirvana forum to see if anything has changed there. Nothing new on Nirvana but GTDNext looks like a real tempter to pull me away from / Omnifocus which I am currently flitting between. As a Brit, it would be good to be able to control the date format (dd/mon/yy) but I can live with the US format for now. Mobile App is clearly necessary at some point but please do continue the excellent work on the web app for now.

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