Various Newbie questions & feature roadmap

Hi there,

I am a GTD / GTDNext newbie. After having compared ~10 apps on the GTD methodology / functionality, I’ve recently signed up to GTDNext and must say, this is clearly my #1 favourite tool! Amazing! My deepest respect to you James and Sergio!

To get an overview, I have been testing GTDNext now for some days and browsing the forum and thereby following questions arose:

  1. tag filtering: I understand that tag filtering is working based on a ‘OR’ logic. Is it possible to filter also on a ‘AND’ logic, i.e. using n≥2 attributes that must be matched?

  2. routines: I want to set up routines (e.g. a morning routine with various tasks therein) and tested a couple of ways to do so:

  • Set “Repeat” on the level of a project with actions thereunder
    → result: only the project folder is created each new day, however, always being empty missing all the pre-defined action items
  • Set “Repeat” on the level of an action with info items thereunder
    → result: only the action item is repeated each new day, however, missing all info items below
  • Set “Repeat” on the info level
    → result: even though, it is possible to set info items on “repeat”, the ‘Next Event’ field is shown as “-none-“ and accordingly the info item are not copied on the next day
  • → what could be a solution for my use case? Would I really need to set each individual action item within a project on “repeat” schedule so that they re-created daily? Or is there any other (‘nicer’) way?

I wondered if following functions are / might be available soon (I understand that both of you having new jobs / projects, which limits your time resources for further development. Yet, I think the last question regarding your product roadmap is ~3 years ago, so there might be an update meanwhile :blush:)

  1. multi-selection and bulk edit: is there any way to edit various actions together as a group, e.g. adding a tag to multiple action items at once? In my view, this is the single most important feature (yet) missing. Having such a capability would tremendously boost efficiency and saving lots of time

  2. calendar view / function and integration with external providers (e.g. iCloud): is there anything planned in this regard, e.g. to be able to incorporate birthdays or fixed appointments automatically from other calendars?

  3. drop-down menue / direct editing: some further ideas of mine on speeding up efficiency in GTDNext. Having tested also the Nirvana app, I found it quite nice to have a drop-down menue showing up with various functionalities when right-clicking on an item incl. labelling option, adding due dates, etc. without the need to open the entire right edit window. Alternatively, Omnifocus allows to amend / add tags for example directly in the project view by clicking on an item. Have you thought of similar functionalities?

Looking forward to your answer. Highly appreciated!



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Hi Marcel!
Welcome to GTDNext!

Great post, thank you for your feedback!

tag filtering - it is going to be changed. So lets discuss how we can enhance it when ready.

routines - it will be implemented shortly (copying node with it’s contents)

multi-selection and bulk edit - it is interesting. We add it to todo list. What other actions would be convenient for you to do with multiple actions selected?

calendar view / function and integration with external providers - we are planning to have some integrations with calendars. But the idea is to export to calendars. How do you think import from calendars be implemented? For example, when you do import from calendar you have all the entries from it added under selected node as repeating actions? Or something different?

drop-down menu / direct editing - yes, something like this is also coming!

PS Just want to mention that James is not a part of GTDNext team anymore.

Hi Sergio,

thanks for your message and fast reaction!

Here are my comments to your questions:

tag filtering - curious to see the new functionality!

routines - cool, looking forward to it!

multi-selection and bulk edit - it would be awesome to be able to select multiple items (projects, actions and or info items) for example by pressing ‘ctrl’ (add single items to selection) or ‘shift’ (add multiple items at once) - basically similar to the logic used in Windows explorer - and then be able to

  • move them in the hierarchy (list) up and down or for example drag them into a project (prio 1)
  • add tags or an area to the selected items at once (prio 1)
  • indent / outdent selected items at once (prio 1)
  • choose status (active, someday, waiting, etc.) for selected items at once (prio 2)
  • delete selected items at once (prio 2)
  • add a due date to selected items at once (prio 2)
  • set a repeating cycle to selected items at once (prio 2)

calendar view / function and integration with external providers - a calendar with drill-down functionality on a day, week, month view would be interesting (good example: Facilethings) as well as the ability to directly work in the calendar (good example: Todoist). For importing any calendar entries, I could imagine them to be imported as single items into the inbox for further clarification / adding necessary context. I don’t know if any meta data could be imported as well (e.g. if it was defined in the external calendar as repeating entry, e.g. birthday, that this information is translated directly in GTDN as a scheduled / recurring item)

drop-down menu / direct editing - great, looking forward to it!

Sad to hear James is not part of the team anymore, but happy to hear that you are continuing!