Use of checklist-based actions

I have tried to use the checklist feature for the first time today and have a question regarding its interaction with the Next list.

I created the following Project/Checklist structure:

I would have expected the ‘Discuss ideas with boss’ activity to show on my Next list but it does not. I even tried forcing the item onto the next list but it did not make any difference.

I understand that projects do not normally appear on the Next list but, in cases where they are merely a collector for checklist items, maybe they should?

If this is expected behaviour, how should I go about creating the desired effect with this particular scenario within GTDNext?

Tanks in advance

Yes, the whole checklist should be included (collapsed/expandable). I have understood that this is intended polish that just remains to be done, but I have the impression it is fully agreed.

It should also be possible to use a checklist in the same way for repeating actions. This is not agreed, however. The devs have chosen to use the subitems as a journal of all the past instances, and I am not aware of any solution.

Hi @thealbs

To create a checklist under the action you should change the Action’s Mode setting to “Action”.
To do this click the ‘Discuss ideas with boss’ action and in the Edit Panel change the Mode from Auto to Action.
All the sub-items of the selected project will become of Info type automatically.

Thanks @Sergio - that makes sense and works a treat.

I cannot see the info subtasks in the Next list. How do you do that?

I believe this was mentioned elsewhere, but right now you need to click the link back the projects and actions view to see the info items. Not ideal, we realize.

No problem. We all understand that an app takes more than just six months or so to get off the ground in a polished form. The main thing is to know that you are on the right track (worth waiting for).

[quote=“Folke, post:7, topic:182”]
polished form.
[/quote]I kind of object to the term, “polished form” as I think everything we are doing is quite polished. But I get what you are saying. :slight_smile: We don’t have all the features yet that everyone (us included!) want.

I agree we are on the right track. At least I hope so! In less than 6 months we have come a long ways. In many areas we have surpassed other solutions that have been on the market for years!