Typing in GTD next is very slow

Hi James et al.,

I am typing into my system today Jan 16, 2016, 3:45 pm EST, and typing is ridiculously slow.

Do I have too many items? I am a premium user. Any idea why my text shows up so slowly? This is very discouraging.

Thanks for your attention.

  • Joe

Yeah, it will type about 5-10 letters, give me a 10-15 second pause, then type the rest of the letters.

This is prohibitively slow. it doesn’t happen with any other web apps, forums, etc.

Very discouraging. How can I do my weekly review when it is operating like this?

Hi Joe - Very strange we are not seeing any issues on the server or on our client test machines. Can you run speedtest.com and let me know your current down and up speeds? How many actions do you have in your account? We haven’t seen any issues even with over 1,000 items. Although at the high end, it does help to filter your actions by area or tag to increase speed. Let me know what you see when you check again. thanks!

hi James -

The problem still is going on Monday morning.

657 items. Which item should I select on Speedtest.com. It looks like one of those websites that used to have a purpose, but now merely connects you to other websites.

  • Joe

PS - Did some things to troubleshoot the problem

  1. I had selected the master “open all projects” document and had all subprojects and actions opened. When I undid this and did this only to one project, it significantly increased the speed.

  2. I then cut it down to only the projects in that area, and the typing resumed to normal speed.

It is now working at an acceptable speed, doing it this way.


Sorry, it’s speedtest.net not .com Just click Start Scan and let me know how fast you connection Up/down is to the internet. It will probably be just fine. We don’t require a super fast connection. I just want to make sure it’s not super slow.

Okay, yes this makes sense. When you have the entire outline open and all the projects un-collapsed that will create a lot of data to display. You will find GTDNext to be fastest when you can keep the entire outline collapsed and even faster when you filter it by either an area of a tag. Also, I usually don’t display completed items. Or I only turn them on when zooming into a specific project so I can see what I completed for that project. Hope that helps!