Toggle for hiding empty projects/subprojects


I have a lot of projects where only once in a while there is an action. That leaves me with a lot of empty folders in project overview and it’s difficult to find the actual active projects.

What would be useful would be a status “Inactive” and the possibility to show only active projects and tasks.

That would also secure that “Someday” projects and tasks don’t show up in projects overview if I don’t want to.


Hi Toni;

We have this in place today for Someday and waiting projects/tasks. Just click the green “A” button at the top of the Projects and Actions area.

Does that work for you? if not, what do you see as the difference between a project marked as inactive and one that is marked as someday?


Oh, forgot about that. :wink:

But there is a difference between Someday and what I mean.
Someday tasks are tasks that are to do, but I don’t have committed to do them right now. A project that has no task, is something else.

Maybe “Inactive” is the wrong word for it as it is an active running project, where I just don’t have to do anything today. So maybe setting a new status for that is not the right way to do it. But a toggle like you have for the active tasks could work for hiding empty folders without giving them a new status description.