Today's Actions - a problem?

One issue that I am experiencing. If I have an action that did not have a due date, but today I realized that I needed to get it done today, I add a due date of today. However, it does not automatically now show up in my Today’s Actions. I refresh the browser and it still does not.

Did it show up after the top of the hour? I believe that is the current logic. @Sergio can you comment? The good news is that we are working on an update that will make most of these changes instantaneous!!! Stay tuned!

btw - it looks like this same post was added in another thread. To keep things clean I consolidated the two posts to this one. thx!

I don’t know if it would show up after an hour as when I saw it was not there, I manually moved it into the Day’s list. Looking forward to the instant update you mentioned!

Okay – I tried this with another next action this morning. After 3 hours and multiple refreshing of mybrowser, the task does not appear in the Today’s Actions list.

Okay, thanks for the report. The work being done right now on the realtime sync will fix this issue. (along with several other benefits)

Sounds good – can’t wait for the real-time sync! Cheers, James!

BTW - The real time sync release on 4/5 should take care of this issue. We are however finding few edge cases where it might not and are working on fixing those.

Sounds good. I will let you know if I experience any problems.

I realized I needed to complete preparations for a presentation I have to give tomorrow – so I marked the next action due today. It does not show in the Actions Today list. I am thinking it should.

Any word on this issue?

No word yet. :slight_smile: Still researching. For now advise is to drag item to today list instead of marking as done. (Or do both)

Okay – I hope you and Sergio find this. Every time I realize something is due today on my Next Actions list, it never shows up in the Today’s Actions list. Otherwise, this is working just fine.

Hi James. Just to let you know that this is still not working, If there are things that become due or the start day is up, it works beautifully. But if I realize something is due today after all and mark it as so, it will not show up in the Today’s Actions list. I am hoping you guys can fix this. Best wishes!

Hello! Thanks for checking in. Yes we are aware of that issue. Hopefully we will get time to focus on it soon. Thanks! James

This issue is now fixed. Please give it a try. Marking an action as due today, will now add the item to the today list

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Hey James,

This is excellent. Appears to work perfectly.

Thank you!

Works beautifully! Thanks, James!