Today view not working as expected

I’m only seeing items in Today that I moved there.

If I understand it correctly, items with a due date of today should show there automatically. And I think Focus items as well? Neither is there and I did refresh.

Is this working as expected for other people? Suggestions for me? Thanks.

If you change the due date to today’s date, it won’t move to the Today’s Action List (I think somebody posted this as a bug that needs addressing. Moving the task like you suggest is a workaround for the bug). If you assign a due date of tomorrow for any of your existing tasks, you can expect that task to appear in the Today’s Action List tomorrow. The same holds true with Scheduled Tasks and the Start Date. That as been my experience anyway.

For the today list you currently will see the following items on this screen.

  • items you drag to the list
  • Items that were scheduled for today or marked as due today (as of yesterday)

Currently you will not see the following on the today list.

  • Items on the focus list
  • Items that you mark as due today - during the current day.
  • items you mark as scheduled for today - during the current day

Long term we hope to combine the today list and the focus list. Also, we plan to start adding items marked as due today, during the current day to the today list view automatically. For now, you have to drag the item to the list.

I hope that helps. Open to feedback on how you all would like to see it work.