Today not working for me?

I show 5 items in “today” but when I click on it, nothing shows up. I don’t think I have any filters or anything applying.

Just noticed this today, but it appears to have been happening for a few days - I was away from my system for a bit. It looks like the actions are being spawned on recurring tasks, but they aren’t making it to “today”

Thanks for the report Russ. We are looking into this. We updated some code yesterday and it looks like it may have caused this issue.

Might these code updates also explain why my Projects & Actions view comes up blank when I first log in?

And why if I switch to a different list then back to Project & Actions everything freezes?

It’s possible. @sergio is looking into it. Please make sure you hit CTRL+F5 to make sure you are using the newest code. Thanks!

We believe we have this fixed as well. Please hit CTRL+F5 a few times and take a look. Thanks!

Good thanks James - much better!

Realize how you come to rely on a service when it’s not working - thanks for the quick response!

I concur; things seem much better now. Thanks!