Today Count Not Accurate

Probably a nit, but as you can see the count in Today is 5 when I only have 2. I refreshed, still at 5

I’ve seen this as well. (we just released this feature two days ago) However, haven’t been able to reproduce the mis-count at will. If you - or anyone - can provide exact repro steps to make this happen we can get this fixed. Seems to not happen all that often, so may be hard to find it. Thanks!

I see this too. What happened is that I completed two actions from the Next Actions list screen that were on the Today’s Actions list. My list number still shows those as part of what is is Today’s Actions. However, when I look at actions that were completed today, those two completed actions are listed in the Today’s Actions list, which they should be. SO…perhaps the number that is shown is reflecting both active and completed actions within the Today’s Actions list?

That might be it. We will see if we can repro this and get a fix in. Thanks!

This should be fixed as of today’s release. Please give it a try! Thanks!

Great news, James. Thanks for all you guys do!

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