Time for scheduled items

Time for scheduled items.

+1 from my side!

Some kind of alarm function would be great.

Thanks for the request.

Can you give me a bit more detail about how you would see this working?

Sure, I would like to see my scheduled items ordered by date and time (for any given date, the items would be ordered by time).

Additionally I would like to see a popup in de web app and later in the mobile app a notification. See the way Todoist had implemented this.

There is nothing wrong at all with this kind of features. In fact, they are essential, especially if you use a time-planning (non-GTD) type of approach, i.e. planning what tasks to do what day (and even what time), but even if you use a pure GTD approach we all have some minority of true calendar actions, such as appointments etc that we probably want to be able to see on our task lists along with all our undated tasks, and for these calendar actions this type of functionality is useful.

If such features are implemented in GTDNext, which I assume they will be sooner or later, I would like to caution against messing it up like it is in most other apps. It is essential for many reasons that users can distinguish between tasks that actually MUST be done on that “scheduled” date (or even at an exact time) - these are called Calendar actions in GTD, and those tasks that will begin or have begun to be POSSIBLE TO CONSIDER doing from that date onwards - these are called tickler file items in GTD. Most apps do not distinguish between those, and this makes it difficult, or virtually impossible, to locate the relatively few calendar actions that MUST be done on a certain day among the vast hordes of tickler file items that can be done on any day of your choice from that day onwards.

Please find a related suggestion here: http://forum.gtdnext.com/t/separate-color-type-for-calendar-actions

Good point. I was thinking of Calendar Actions. The Tickler file could be another feature to consider.

Yes, well, GTDNext already has one such date, called “Scheduled” date, and you could use it either as a tickler date or as a calendar action “do” date (or both, but then it gets a bit messy).

I suppose for many of us the primary use of that “scheduled” date would be as a tickler date, because we have no other place to put those and we have a lot of them, whereas for calendar actions we could also resort to a calendar such as GCal. But it would be nice to have both in GTDNext.