The project pane needs to reflect the other filters in use (i.e. list status etc)


I find it irritating that my Someday-Maybe tasks are cluttering up the pane underneath Projects and Actions.
i.e. I only want to see my Someday-Maybe tasks during my Weekly Review. The rest of the time they are just clutter and I don’t want to see them in my Projects list.

This may sound bonkers, but would it not be possible to have that pane that lists projects (top left) to also be filtered by whatever the main body area is filtered by as well?

e.g. If I click “Someday”, then not only does the main body just show Someday stuff, but that project pane now shows only those projects that are of Someday status.

Following this logic… we could also do the same for “Waiting”, whereby if the user clicks on Waiting then only those projects that are of Waiting status are listed. Likewise “Scheduled” and even “Inbox”… And then “Focus” would only list Projects that had at least one task that has Focus… and if the user clicks on Next Actions, then only projects that are Active would be listed in the projects pane…

…In fact only if the user clicks “Projects & Actions” should projects of all statuses be listed.

Does that make sense?

Because as things stand, my only way to get any Someday-Maybe projects out of that ‘projects pane’ (top left) would appear to be to click on “Projects & Actions”, FIND the project (not always easy in a long list) and then manually and drag them down to the bottom of the list using the mouse, or better use Control+Shift+Down-Arrow.
Either that OR to use some horrible workaround like create a special Area called “Someday” and try to keep that Area hidden from view, but as we all know workarounds always have unintended consequences, and in this case keeping this new “Someday” Areas switched off until the Someday stuff is wanted (e.g. during the Weekly Review) would be a pain.


That seems like a reasonable request. We recently modified that left pane display of projects to show only what is filtered by the area filter. We can look at also filtering by active projects only.

Interesting idea. We will discuss - (@sergio)

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