Thanks! I think I've found my new GTD app!

I’ve been a fan of GTD for quite a few years now. Over those years I’ve tried out and used quite a few different web apps and other tools in my quest for a tool that fits GTD and me. I’ve used Remember the Milk, Toodledo, MS Outlook, MS OneNote, Lotus Notes, and I’ve tried out a bunch more, including Productive, Nirvana,, Wunderlist, and Asana.

In all these tools, there’s always some critical flaw, usually one of these big four:

  • No Start Date (a start date is a must for an uncluttered task list, and most tools lack it)
  • No Subtasks (like RTM) or poorly implemented subtasks (like Toodledo)
  • Poor support for projects (especially small projects)
  • Too expensive (like Nozbe)

I came upon GTDNext recently, and I just say that I am very impressed with it. Start date, check; subtasks, check (and very nicely implemented–I love the outline approach); good project support, check; price, free (although I think the Premium account should be a bit less expensive); sensible next action handling, check; support for GTD contexts and areas (and filtering based on them), check; a way to see which project an action is associated with, check; and I could go on.

In my opinion, the current feature set of the web app is already far better at supporting a GTD workflow than any other tool that I’ve tried. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Of course, it is still lacking a few things, like an iOS app, but I’m confident that is coming. Another wish high on my list would be multi-selection (to apply tags to more than one task at a time for example).

Thanks Jay!

We have been working very hard to create the best app for implementing GTD on the market. It’s always great to hear we ware headed in the right direction. We know we have lots left to do, but we are excited by the prospect of creating the best ever GTD app and helping all our users be more productive!