TaskScale.net is here!

Hello dear GTDNext user.

It’s been quite a while since we started GTDNext.com, and a lot of things changed around. And the change of GTDNext was inevitable. The GTDNext underlying technology got outdated. Sadly, we found ourselves unable to give the product the development and support it deserved. This left us with a tough decision: either close down the service or take action. And guess what? We went with the latter!

So today I’m happy to introduce you to the new, re-worked and evolved version of GTDNext: TaskScale.net

You are welcome to try it and hopefully switch to it. We’ve implemented the Import from GTDNext feature for a smooth migration to a new app.

Just a couple of words before you dive into the new project.

I know changes are hard. Any thing we get used to is wired into our brain. And any change that is brought to us makes us unhappy. So I just wanted to ask for a bit of your patience and understanding as you transition to this new product.

From my side I can promise that we will do our best to make the new product better. We will listen and we will enhance.


Here are some links to help you migrate from the old version to the new one:

Migration guide from GTDNext to TaskScale.net

How to import GTDNext account and data

Feel free to ask any question on our Forum or message us via the contact form on the website.

Warm regards,

Sergio, TaskScale.net (ex GTDNext.com)