TaskScale.net is here!

Hello dear GTDNext user.

It’s been quite a while since we started GTDNext.com, and a lot of things changed around. And the change of GTDNext was inevitable. The GTDNext underlying technology got outdated. Sadly, we found ourselves unable to give the product the development and support it deserved. This left us with a tough decision: either close down the service or take action. And guess what? We went with the latter!

So today I’m happy to introduce you to the new, re-worked and evolved version of GTDNext: TaskScale.net

You are welcome to try it and hopefully switch to it. We’ve implemented the Import from GTDNext feature for a smooth migration to a new app.

Just a couple of words before you dive into the new project.

I know changes are hard. Any thing we get used to is wired into our brain. And any change that is brought to us makes us unhappy. So I just wanted to ask for a bit of your patience and understanding as you transition to this new product.

From my side I can promise that we will do our best to make the new product better. We will listen and we will enhance.


Here are some links to help you migrate from the old version to the new one:

Migration guide from GTDNext to TaskScale.net

How to import GTDNext account and data

Feel free to ask any question on our Forum or message us via the contact form on the website.

Warm regards,

Sergio, TaskScale.net (ex GTDNext.com)


I am a paid plan customer of GTDnext and have been lurking in the forums anonymously for a long time. :slight_smile: I understand the reasons behind creating TaskScale.net. I have been monitoring it’s progress for a while now. I have not switched over due to differences in logic between GTDnext and TaskScale. That will happen in the future when GTDnext closes or I am ready to switch on my own.

Do you have a roadmap at which point GTDnext will be shut down? How early will you signal to us users that you are shutting down?

Hello SirArturio,

In short, we are going to shut down GTDNext this year. More likely in the first half.
The users will be notified at least 1 month prior the shutdown. But it will be a gradual process and I’m sure everyone will have time to transfer the data.
I will post an update on the forum shortly.

Still I would suggest to switch from GTDNext to TaskScale.net as soon as possible.


Hey and thanks for the quick reply!

I gave TaskScale another spin today and while there are great features like the search, it still does not support my workflow (mainly sorting the main tree with multitude of ways, especially by just showing the prioritized items or hiding the non-active someday items). Also there are clear usability issues/downgrade (amount of clicks and mouse movement needed accomplish a task) when creating a basic structure or just interacting with the items compared to the GTDnext. I can write these down if you point me to the right direction where they could be documented.


  • Is the closure of GTDnext based on time or certain set of features getting completed in TaskScale?
  • Is there a roadmap of the upcoming features / what will and what will not be in TaskScale, which are in GTDnext? (I know of the Feature Changes google doc but it’s still in quite early stages.)

As an avid GTDer GTDnext is the most important piece of software in my daily life and I hope that TaskScale will even surpass it!

Best regards,

I second all of this, wholeheartedly. I am an avid user of GTDNext and will struggle quite a bit to fit TaskScale into my work planning without some of the great features that GTDNext has. However if you could publish a roadmap, it might help if I knew which of these features were coming and approximately when.