Tasks are displayed multiple times


Since today my tasks are displayed 2-3 times in focus list. Each time that happens I have to reload the app. Then it’s gone, but I have to select area and focus list again. After an hour or so it’s back again.

Yesterday everything was still fine.


HI Toni;

We’ve noticed this in the past as well. It seems it is related to having more than one browser / computer open with GTDNext. If you click the refresh button on your browser you will get back to showing a single instance of each task. It appears to be a display issue, as the tasks are really being created twice in the back end database.

We have tried to reproduce this using a precise set of steps, but we have never been able to do so. If you (or anyone) can provide a set of steps to reproduce this issue we would be very grateful!


Hi James,

thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately I cannot help you to reproduce it. But it is gone now.

I didn’t have multiple sessions of GTDNext open. In fact I created a standalone Chrome app just for that and there I never have more then one tab open.


Yes, if it happens again, please just refresh your browser. It always fixes the issue. We really want to find the cause, so if anyone else can repro, please let us know!