Tags dropdown is cut-off with many tags and general tags woes

Firstly, I have just started using GTDNext, which looks very promising as good implementation of GTD. The tags system, however is a bit of a challenge for me to find useful, as I use a lot of tags actively, and the system does not cater for that. I will bring up some concrete suggestions in future, but for now I noticed that the tags filter dropdown is cut off: only some of the tags appear. There is no way to scroll, and the keyboard does not narrow the search.

Is there any plan to revamp this part of the product to make tags a first class concept, as it seems it may not be an important feature to the author?

Some other issues:

  1. Having to click the mouse to set tags is inefficient. There should be a way to autocomplete tags as you enter the task description, e.g. using TAB and/or ENTER during typing to autocomplete.
  2. Tag search / filtering defaults to using OR function when multiple tags are selected. Although this is useful, the AND function is lacking.
  3. The tags editor is not alphanumeric, so as the list grows, so does the inefficiency.

I hope the product grows, and there is a critical mass to move forward, as I just risked paying for the Premium version.

I am using Chrome on MacOS.


Wayne -
A. I totally agree that the way tags are implemented in GTDNext is weak.
What do you think about my suggestion of allowing users to configure their own custom hotkeys to set/unset Tags for tasks?


but for now I noticed that the tags filter dropdown is cut off: only some of the tags appear.
So far I have not found this problem on any browser. I am using in Windows10, set at a scaling of 200%. I use Chrome, Firefox, Opera and MSIE.

Can you supply a screenshot?
Also what O/S and browser are you using.


I am not sure of having a hotkey per tag, as I use so many, maybe for some common ones it would be useful, but I would definitely support a hotkey that I e.g. CMD-t and then start typing a tag, which will autocomplete and I just enter on hit, so e.g. CMD-t u would bing up “urgent” and then enter would select it. Maybe similar to Trello L command. Must have minimum keystrokes to get to tags. Another option is to use tab to cycle through the hits, so CMD t u would give “urgent”, then hitting tab would give “uncle”… and then just enter to add…and be ready to add another immediately… ESC to stop

A further note on this is that the mobile app also cuts off the tags, but there is impossible to workaround as the “expand tags” option is not available there. I understand that tags are a focus area for improvement, but can we prioritise this bug fix limiting number of useful tags that can be created?

Maybe your comments would have greater impact if you supplied some screenshots.
I only half understand what you mean…

  1. Create a bunch of tags
  2. Click on “Tag Filter” at the top of the screen with intention to click on a tag to select to filter desired tags
  3. Tags are cut off at the bottom of the screen, which sucks as it limits available tags to the beginning of the alphabet
  4. Workaround by clicking on the arrow immediately right of the tags, and it expands the tags on the GUI so selection is now possible

Try the same thing on a mobile smartphone using Safari on IOS, but unfortunately now the workaround not available on the mobile app, so filtering simply does not work. This is a bug - no doubt about it - and pretty obvious and unpleasant one at that.

I don’t want to share more of my screen as it is private.

Thanks, it appears to be fixed now.

Yes the tags getting cut off issue was resolved today with the addition of a scroll bar for the tags and area menus. You folks have a lot of tags! :slight_smile:

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