Suggestion: user-configurable hotkeys for Tags


I would like to propose users are allowed to create hotkeys for adding/removing Context Tags to tasks.

e.g. Suppose you the user had a context Tag called “~Errands”, you might like to set up an obscure hotkey like say Shift/Alt/E (“E” for Errands). This could be set up as another column on the Tags view (App - GTDNext!).

This should toggle the Tag on/off. i.e. Every time the user hits Shift/Alt/E, the task that is currently selected either gets the Tag “~Errands” added or removed depending on whether or not the Tag was already attached to the task.

To me this would be a quantum leap forward in GTDNext’s work flow when applying the GTD method.

When I discovered this feature in MLO (which I use but dislike for deep data architectural reason) it revolutionised my life as it allowed me to start using tags properly! In truth, prior to that for a great many tasks, particularly the simpler tasks, I just never bothered to use Contexts at all. But this was a game-changer for me.

Thanks for the idea. We appreciate them. Keep them coming!

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