Start date and due date not working as expected

I’m trying out GTDnext, to figure out if it’s the platform I’m going to adopt. I’m having trouble getting the start date and due date functions to work the way I expect.

My understanding is that items which are due, or items which are past their start date, are supposed to appear on at least one of the Next, Focus or Today lists. But when I experiment with the system, that is not what happens.

In my projects list, you can see that I have created a waiting task, which is 2 days late. I also have two scheduled tasks, one starting 9/12 and one starting on 9/15. (It is currently 9/14.)

However, the projects list is the only place that these items appear! My Next Actions list contains only the pre-populated example actions, and my Today and Focus list are completely empty. There is no sign on any of those lists that I have a task that is 2 days past due, nor that one of my scheduled tasks passed its start date.

Am I missing something, or is this bugged?