Start Date and Due Date for recurring tasks / duplicate tasks

GTDNext is great. I love it, but I have an idea that I would like to bring some attention. It has been mentioned before in the voting forum, (“Due dates on recurring tasks”). I have given it 3 votes.

For recurring tasks, I want to be able to set the start date and the due date. For example, say I set up a recurring task for paying a bill. The due date is on the 10th of every month, and the statement date is the 25th (14-16 days before the due date). I would like a new task to be made active on the 25th of every month with a due date of the 10th. I’m sure there are other applications of this type of recurring task besides bills.

Another way to accomplish setting up recurring tasks would be a “duplicate task” function. The function could work like this:

  1. Make it possible to click on a task and click a “duplicate task” button.
  2. Prompt the user to enter an increment (specific day of month, days, weeks, months, years) for both the due date and start date. (This would be an optional step for the user.)
  3. Prompt the user to enter the number of duplicates.

This idea solves my issue and it serves as a general duplication function for those who have asked for that ability.

As GTDNext works now, I have to manually create repeated tasks for each month in order to have a start date and due date for each future task. This of course is very time consuming as I have multiple repeated tasks.