Sorting Next Actions by Due Date

Hi - Love the product. Just started using today and already super impressed and thinking about purchasing premium.

Two questions:

  1. Is there a way to filter next actions by due date in the premium (or free) version? I’m hoping to get to a place where I can print off a list of next actions and then use that as the base for my day’s workflow. Would also be nice to see next actions by week or month at a glance so I know when my plate’s full and to start planning tasks for further into the future - or use the focus button to move important ones up the pecking order so they don’t get missed in the overload. With so many projects on the go, I can see difficulties ahead with planning realistic time frames for completion unless I can filter by date.

  2. Do you forsee a desktop version coming down the pipe? So work can be saved offline then synced back when in range of wifi?

If I’ve missed the obvious ways of doing these two things, my apologies!

Thanks again for a great product.

@richcanoe - thanks for checking out GTDNext! Welcome aboard!

  1. Filter by Due Date: Yes, if you go to the next action list, you will see an icon at the top right of the list that looks like a flame. Click that and your list will be filtered down to your actions with due dates associated with them. Note that filtering is not the same as sorting. The actions will be kept in whatever order you had them listed in your next action list. You can drag them into a new priority order if you wish, which could be by due date.

  2. Desktop Version: Not in the near (or mid term) future - We are more focused on adding features to the web version, making the web version work well on mobile devices and on native mobile apps. But never say never! (Just not anytime soon)

Thanks again for the checking out GTDNext!

@richcanoe - - As part of your question you said: [quote=“richcanoe, post:1, topic:608”]
I’m hoping to get to a place where I can print off a list of next actions and then use that as the base for my day’s workflow.

I have been looking for a way to do that as well - - i.e. I can filter to get the list I want, but I can’t print it as a daily action list. Here is what I have come up with:

  1. filter down to the list I want in GTDNext
  2. open a blank Word document
  3. grab as many screenshots as necessary moving down my GTDNext list to capture the entire list and paste each screenshot into the Word document as a graphic
  4. send the Word document to the color printer

Advantages: I get the list I need for my purpose, and all color information regarding next actions, “hot” actions etc is preserved.
Disadvantages: The list in Word is not a text list so I can’t make any notes in it as I move through the day. I make notes by hand on the printout.

Has anyone found a better way to print out an “action item” list from GTDNext?

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@Charles - Have you tried this since we updated the app to be mobile friendly? On mobile using Chrome and the right panel closed, I get a very good printout of my next action list. We don’t show the left panel, so you just end up with a printout of the next actions currently showing/filtered in the main middle window.

Have you tried that? It’s not as good as print setting in the app, but I it works pretty well.

@James - Thanks for the suggestion. Being lazy (I admit it) I tried to implement your approach with my current setup - - an iPhone with Safari. I filtered the list to display the open project folders and tasks I wanted, tried to print via my home wi-fi to my color inkjet printer, and my selected view printed just as I wanted it, but it was in black and white. So close! But I really wanted the color information.

Next I tried to email the view to myself but the email contained only a web link to my account which, when opened, showed all my project folders closed; I has lost my list view.

Next I tried to air drop the view to my Mac. The page opened in my browser with all project folders closed; so again I lost the list view I wanted.

Guess I’ll have to break down and download Chrome and give it a try. I’ll let you know how I make out.

Any idea why it does not print in color from Safari?

Thanks for the explanation James - Cheers!

Hi Charles - I’ve just now tried this myself and am seeing the same results. I will investigate and see if this is a quick fix or will take more work. Printing from mobile wasn’t a scenario we really planned for, but it also seems like it should just work, so I will check.