Some Outstanding Questions

There are a few outstanding questions regarding the control of the flow of tasks within projects (parallel, sequential etc). It would be nice to have an update:

Planning Capabilities
Features for managing the forward flow of all different types of actions and of sub-projects have already been built in, generally speaking, except that the app still does not have the capability to let users pre-plan (pre-mark) actions within “inactivated” (sequential) sub-projects - only within “already active” subprojects. Is this recognized and will it be amended?
Your Blog Post on Parallel/Sequential - #7 by Folke?

Simplicity of User Interface
It might be argued that the user interface could be simpler and more consistent, easier to understand and use. For example there could be one universal toggle type for all kinds of actions and projects and one universal visual indicator type for all of these. Is this something you are planning to address?

Possible Bug
A possible bug has been reported but not commented on, concerning the fact that the sequential setting for projects seems to affect different subprojects (and projects) differently. Is it a bug or am I missing something?

Manual inactivation of entire projects
Useful and part of GTD. Is this on the roadmap?

We aren’t actively working on this, but it’s in the back of our mind for the future.

I think it is safe to say we are always looking to simplify the app. We have some ideas on this, but have some other items that need to get done first.

We will look into this. Thanks for the report.

Not currently, but not ruling it out either. Would like to hear from some other people on this idea as well. Helpful?