Some important changes

Dear friends,

I regret to say that James Titus has left our GTDN-team. It’s sad but true.
Well, all the best!

But everything in life is changing. So we are! And, of course, we are planning changes only for the better.

As you can see we have finished our transition to new payment system – FastSpring. We really hope that now purchasing experience will be easy for every customer, everywhere.

Please, don’t forget to re-subscribe with FastSpring! You can do it here:

Best wishes,

Thanks @sergio for the update. Sorry to see James go. He has, of course, been the most public face of GTDNext, which makes me wonder where GTDNext is going. About a year ago, he indicated that you and he were in it for the long haul. Hmmm, now it doesn’t look like that so much.

Wondering if you, when. you have a few moments, could share where you see GTDNext going now, what some of those “changes for the better” might be, etc. A bit of a road map, if you will.

Appreciate all your work on GTDNext!


Hi all;

First off I want to thank Sergio for being a fabulous partner over these last many years. I’m very proud of the work we have done to create GTDNext. I’ve really enjoyed working on the product and working with all of you to make it better!

Second, I’ll miss interacting with you all in this forum. Many of the best ideas we took utilized for GTDNext came directly from the interaction on this forum. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know many of you and thank you for your dedication to GTDNext! It really makes a difference.

While my involvement in the project is coming to an end, I’m very confident that Sergio will continue to nurture GTDNext and improve it over time. For the last few years, due to my busy professional life, I’ve not been able to spend as much time on the product as I would like, and so to be fair to Sergio is was time for me to step away and let him run the ship.

I still fully believe in GTD as a methodology and I think GTDNext is the best way to implement it! As such I’ll continue to use it, so you may still see me post once in a while.

Thank you and best wishes to all!

Dear Peter,

you are absolutely right. James was …hmm… more sociable than me :slight_smile:
But please, belive that GTDNext is really dear to me and I’m not going to leave it. So I’ll try to do my best also in the public sphere, you know.

And yes, you can share me your comments and suggestions about GTDNext. I really appreciate it. A lot!

Congratulation @James! Hope your next project is as fun and challenging as this one.

IMHO I’d say the GTDNext app is pretty much feature complete. More features would probably make it more tedious to use. Hopefully our yearly subscriptions are enough to keep the servers running!

If you guys ever do move on I would appreciate if you could throw the code up on github and create some deployment and hosting instructions. The app is useful enough where I would probably host it just for myself!