Simple Do today


As a new user reading a lot of the good posts on setting dates and waiting items etc. My work tends to be asap really, no deadline dates are placed on me as such and I don’t set fake ones.

I do have a few much simpler tasks which are do today “put out the trash” is a typical one. I have this set up as a scheduled recurring task which work i think but I’m unsure of where i should go to to see these tasks?

I don’t want to think about these tasks in terms of context etc, just be remined of them

I’l typically want to see them first thing in the morning and ideally a notification email would be useful. I assume the mobile app may help here (I’m an android user) but appreciate that is significant work



For me, the perfect and most common solution is that items are automatically focused when the “scheduled” date (i.e. the GTD “tickle” date) arrives. (And of course you must be able to un-focus them.)


Nail on the head, this isn’t happening for me though. Does the app not do this please.


No, GTDNext does not do that automatically, but does provide a roundabout way of accomplishing almost the same thing:

You can “focus” tasks manually while still scheduled, which unexpectedly does not cause the scheduled task to appear on the focus list, but does cause the next instance of the task to be focused when the date arrives. Unusual implementation, but it does work except you have to remember to put focus markers on all your scheduled tasks.

Personally, I’d prefer this to happen automatically (and also retain the normal capability to focus a scheduled task just like any other task if, say, you want to double-check the date later on today, etc).

Thanks, very useful and will give it a go.