Show only the relevant tags buttons when a certain area or project branch is selected

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The title is self explanatory.
It’s very awkward to see all the work related tags on the top if you are working on a personal project.


Yes, this is a great idea, but hasn’t received that many votes. Do others want this as well?

I think that kind of voting results must be taken with a laaaarge grain of salt.

I, for one, just as an example, never even visit that voting site. You get a very skewed representation of who cares about what. I think I remember seeing quotas for how many votes you can cast. Also, many things are just “hygiene” or “tidiness” or “common sense” kinds of things that people do not suspect they even have to vote for (like this feature request - don’t “all” apps hide the unused tags? At least I think Nirvana does. Do you really have to vote to get that tidied up at some stage?)

And then there is a much more treacherous aspect to voting, the fact that people tend to vote for what they have already seen in lots of places, but not vote for what is innovative, unseen before and therefore harder to grasp. This is good in the sense that you can measure and compare the popularity of long-proven common devices (so you can avoid the proven bad ones), but you will be fumbling in the dark - with the voting statistics piled totally against you - when assessing innovative features that would make you stand out as better in a new way.

A good example of this is your unlimited outline (which is quite unusual); had you asked a set of app users (Nirvana, Zendone, Omnifocus, whatever) before you started out you probably would have got very few votes for that, but it was something you did anyway out of your own sense of what is common sense and it turned out to be one of things that attract people to GTDNext.

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Hey @Folke good to hear from you, it’s been a while! Thanks for the comments. Below are some responses to your thoughts.

I totally agree with that, and as I think I’ve said elsewhere on the forum, we don’t rely on this voting to decide what we are going to do next. For a number of reasons. It is however, one data point in the overall decision process that I do find helpful. I find it helpful in deciding not so much what to do, as when to do it. It’s a great call out to clarify to everyone that it’s not the final deciding point. Hopefully no one ever thought that was the case!

I would also agree with that statement. For example, we have many features planned that no one has ever asked for in the voting. Stay tuned!

Yes, I think the bottom line here is that we love to see voting to know what people find important. We like to see that kind of user engagement. It helps us in timing for some of our features. However, we already maintain a list (a large one) of features (all of the items on the voting list are already on it) and we work from that list to determine what features we put into each sprint we do.

In addition, we have many features in mind that have never been mentioned in the voting area, but we are pretty confident users are going to love.

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