Shared Project List Between Two Users

Is it possible for two users (two GTDNext accounts) to share a particular list of projects (and sub-tasks or actions)?

In other words can I set up my own account that has Areas like Business, Personal, and Client_Projects, and then set up a second GTDNext account for staff (using a second email address), and then share with that other staff account only the Client_Projects projects and tasks that have been assigned to them, without them having access to projects and tasks in my Business and Personal Areas?

Great question. This is not a feature that we have in GTDNext at this point. Right now we are focused on creating a really great personal productivity system. In the future we will likely look at the ability to share projects and assign actions to different users, but that is not on the near term road map.

@James - - Thanks for your answer on this. I have only started testing GTDNext but to me it seems like it is going to be an outstanding system to help me organize my work. I think the outline framework and user interface alone set it apart from a number of the other programs and services I examined.

Do others who have used GTDNext see a way to possibly do what I was asking? For example the thought occurred to me that maybe on Monday morning I could export the 4 or 5 projects for the week (with subtask assignments and current status regarding next task to be completed in each project, etc.) to a file, and then import that project list into the GTDNext account I created for the staff. Then on Friday simply look at the staff account project data and update project status in my account (either manually, or by a reverse export-import). Would something like that be possible?