Server is down at the moment

Due to an issue with our hosting provider our server is down currently.

We are working with them to resolve the problem and try to get it back up as soon as possible.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Still down? Oh my. A long time. :scream:

We are up now.

Apologies for the downtime. Reliability is something we take very seriously. We work with one of the best hosting teams around for web apps. However, today their support has been less than stellar. (as you can see from our twitter feed). We will evaluate what steps are needed to prevent this in the future.

EDIT: More info: One interesting note. Due to our new real-time server, many of you may not have noticed the downtime. We show that anyone who had the browser open to GTDNext was able to use the app in our new offline mode. (red dot at top left of screen) And when we came back online, your changes synced with the server. So, in reality, this affected a lot fewer people than it would have before the real time sync was put in place.

That downtime was tough. I am very reliant on your program.

Could you please tell me where I can find out about this offline mode?

Thank you.

Yes, our apologies. That was the longest downtime we’ve ever had. By a long stretch. Quite a few people use our product for important work, so we take this very seriously. Over the next few days, we will evaluate what we could have done better to 1) avoid the issue and 2) recover faster.

If you leave GTDNext open and the server goes down, you will still be able to use GTDNext in offline mode. You will see the dot at the top right, next to the logo is red, instead of it’s usually green. This indicates you are working offline. When the server comes back online, all your changes will be synced to the server. Just make sure you do not close the browser session or hit refresh during this time!

I am glad all is well. I hope you learn what happened and how to prevent something like this in the future. But, I know…sometimes, things just happen.:grin:

I did not mean this to sound too critical. I really do love GTDNext and just need it! Best wishes.

All good. We actually know what went wrong. (hosting company had an issue) Now we need to figure out the best way to recover from that kind of event. We were very reliant on the hosting company to fix the issue and they took way longer to troubleshoot it and fix than we wanted. We need to plan around such events, which we are doing now. Thanks!