Selecting 'focus' on a folder should by default turn focus on for the actions within it

I think it would be a good idea to make it so that if you select ‘focus’ on a folder it should by default turn focus on for all the actions in that project and any new actions that are created.

You should be able to override that by selecting focus on that action if you don’t want it on but I think it makes sense to be able to turn it on like that rather than manually having to go through and click them all. If you want to focus on one project and you have a lot of actions in there it isn’t that practical.

Interesting idea. We already do something similar for next actions. If you click the “N” symbol for the project then any new actions added to that project are marked as “next” actions automatically.

How do other people feel about this suggestion?

  • Clicking focus icon at on the top level project should turn on the focus icon for all current and new actions in the project
  • Clicking focus on a project should have no effect on the other tasks in the project.

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That’s handy with the next actions however it can clutter up your next actions screen if all the actions in the project are showing up. If you have focus automatically on the actions in the project you can sequentially work through the next actions in the project one at a time with the focus filter selected without having to manually go through and click focus on every single action in the project.

I think focusing a project should show the project in the focus-list, rather than the tasks within it. However when a recurring task is created, then it should inherit the recurring task’s tags, prio, focus, etc.