Selected area as default for new projects/actions added

I’m not sure if this is an idea or a bug. When I have selected a specific area in the left top corner, from the Areas drop down box, and then start adding new projects and actions I expected that all the newly added projects and actions would get the selected area. This is not the case.

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Hi Pascal

I am not able to reproduce this problem. When I have the top left selected for a specific area all new projects I create are created with that area as the default.

Can you give me the specific steps you do to create this issue? Also, can you tell me what browser you are using?


Hi James,

IN case you sue the “Create new action,” box (TAB+N) it does not work.

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Ah, thanks for that detail. In that case, it is working as designed.

The idea behind the inbox is that no matter what area you are working in the inbox should always remain “neutral”. Items going into your inbox should not have an area pre-selected. For example, you may be in your “work” area and you may have a task pop into your head that is for your family area or your volunteer area. You can just add it to the inbox and process it later.

If you have an idea that comes into your head for the current area, it’s probably just as easy to add it to the projects and actions area for that area. At least that is how we think about it.